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We are a volunteer community-based  nonprofit service, helping military veterans in our region . Our accredited VA service officer and  staff provide information on VA benefits and assist in compensation  claims, advocacy,  seminars,  fundraisers, information /education events and a variety of  useful social programs are provided throughout the year. 


Please join us in supporting a good cause. 

Jake Fish, our Director, is highly trained specialist  Accredited Veterans Service Officer as charted by Congress and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Jake and several local volunteer citizens have formed a local nonprofit organization in Port Angeles Washington called “Operation Oliver H. Row” named after a recent contribution from the Row family here in Clallam County. The Row funds (and yours) will be used to help sustain an office of volunteers located at 127 E 1St St. Suite 4E in Port Angeles and provide monetary support for local veterans. We hold to the principal that a nonprofit should use every donation efficiently to directly impact a Veteran’s life and/or their family, keeping administration  and fund raising costs as low as possible. 

We value your interest in our effort and will make good use of every dollar you contribute. There are many local veterans in need of information and help when applying for their well-earned Veteran Administration benefits. Applying for VA benefits can be confusing and overwhelming and the volunteers at Operation Oliver H Row are dedicated to help make the process of working with the Department Veterans Administration easier and successful

Please join me in support of our local Veterans and their families. It is important they obtain all the benefits they are eligible for. We are a local resource providing information and representation and, most of all, understanding, as we help veterans communicate their needs to the Dept. of Veterans affairs and navigate the maze of programs available. Military service members and their families need help understanding how the VA qualification process applies to them. Often times it can be a stressful process that be eased with an accredited service officer’s expert  help and understanding.

Your donation will keep our current and future programs funded. 

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We will help you find your way through the often confusing Veterans Administration benefit programs that are available to qualified military members.

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 FOR YOUR SERVICE.  We will assist you in obtaining the information and benefits you have earned and are entitled to. 

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