Our Services

Service #1

What are the needs that you are seeking? An assessment of your eligibility will determine what benefits you can obtain.

Service #2

Gathering the required documents from your military files . Reviewing your life events since discharge . 

Services #3

Submitting your documents to the VA for review. Ongoing advocacy to reduce the time from application to final decision 

Your first visit


Welcome to Operation Oliver H. Row Veterans Service Office

We are here to help you assess your qualifications for military benefits 

What information and papers you are expected to bring to your next appointment

A. A copy of your DD214 discharge form and any letters you have received from the VA,if you have filed before .

B. Any past medical issues you incurred while in service, or, any injuries you feel are the result of your military service.    

C. Bring any useful paperwork that details where you served and when and what your duties were while in service. 

D.  List of dependents including marriage certificates, Social security numbers, date of birth and where they are currently living. 

F.  Any paperwork you have that shows what , if any , any other Government agency or private agency you have contacted regarding your service and other veteran organizations that  you have contacted since discharge .

We hope you will be open and honest answering any questions we ask you. We are here to represent you.can save time if you are truthful with us. IMPORTANT: The more work you do to gather this information, the better the results. Any missing  information could delay and deny your compensation for years. 

How the VA review process works :

Your service officer will review your past service time and ask you many questions that might help connect your military life with your present life issues that could be effecting you today. 

Once your service officer has reviewed your information and determines that you are eligible for the compensation program, together, we will accumulate your case records and submit them to Federal review for their decision. If you are resubmitting your claim, your benefits could be adjusted depending on any new information submitted. 

This process can take time to complete and often requires rewrites and adjustments as new information is needed to complete your qualifications.

If the VA determines you are eligible you will be asked to be examined by a private or VA medical team. This process can also take time to complete.  

PLEASE REMEMBER, the volunteers at Oliver H Row, receive no compensation for this help on your behalf. We are a nonprofit and  depend on contributions and local community support.   

Additionally , you can assist the accredited service officer processing your claim if you notify us of any change in address or contact information .

At your first visit to our office you will be asked to fill out a  questionnaire and information sheet as best you can. The more complete you make this information the aim can be processed. 

THE BASIC INFORMATION needed at your first visit :

Military history : WHERE , WHEN , DUTIES, RANK ACHIEVED 

Details of Veteran or community care services you have received to date : 

Private medical care since discharge : details of date , doctors and services received 

Employment in the last five years : (list job duties and employer contact information)

List any non-military pension income ; Social Security; SSI or other supplemental compensation you have received.